A new double-disc (CD) album, Into the Mountain, is now available for listening, and also for sale at $25.00 per double-CD. The $25.00 includes shipping within the Continental US, Alaska and Hawaii . This double-disc (CD) album will contain approximately 90 minutes of music in 11 songs. There will be 9 vocal tunes featuring Ynez Anthony on lead vocals and 2 instrumentals featuring Edwing. All the tunes are original.

A second version of Mountain Castle Music entitled Sankey Brothers with Jahsha is scheduled to be released in mid to end of January 2019. The music on Sankey Brothers  will be a contrasting departure from the music of Into the Mountain. Sankey Brothers with Jahsha  will be an LP consisting of 7 original dance-type, rock-rhythm n’ blues songs featuring Jahsha on lead vocals and Edwing on a 1950’s American Fender Telecaster. This album will be more focused on second chakra dance-type songs (not hip-hop). We will redo Sunny Street and Leaves Turn Green that were both on the Into the Mountain CD but will rearrange the songs and add Jahsha on lead vocals. There will be 7 original songs on this CD.

Still another aspect of Mountain Castle Music featuring Edwing will be released shortly. The music on the Edwing CD will consist of original instrumentals featuring Edwing on lead guitar and ukulele. The genre will range from rock to jazz to classical to easy listening.