Sankey Brothers 3 — Mountain Castle Revisited (and friends) features all new and original material and will be available around the fall of 2019. We again present a variety of original songs without concern for keeping the music within a particular genre of music. As we mentioned in our first CD, a mountain has many sides and many facets. There was a time when the record companies pretty much had complete control of the music and sound of an artist or band. You could play live club dates and concerts but if you wanted to present your music to a wider audience, you had to go through a record company. Those companies controlled the marketing and distribution of your music. For business purposes, those artists were placed in a specific category to be marketed to a particular targeted listening audience. Your music had to fit into a specific genre.

            As we move into a 21st century global community with a tremendously diversified listening audience, we do not have to be handicapped by that old style of thinking. And since we are not under the control of a major record company, we are able to present our material as we please.

            There are a few songs reminiscent of the older style of American rhythm n’ blues, plus some early rock n’ roll and county influences, New Age Music and other styles. Each of the first two CD’s (Into the Mountain and The Sankey Brothers with Jahsha), had the same lead singer throughout the CD. In the new CD Into the Mountain 2/Sankey Brothers and Friends we used several different lead singers. This allowed us the opportunity to present the songs in a more diversified format. Each of the three lead singers: Jahsha on Working Title, Ted Souder on We Were Young, Once Upon A Dream and Poor Little Girl, and Chris Wonzer on Meadow Across the Lake, Tick Tock Man and Thank You Bo Diddley brought their own styles and personalities to help shape the songs.

            We hope you enjoy this CD: Sankey Brothers 3 — Mountain Castle Revisited (and friends). 

           A double-disc (CD) album, Into the Mountain, is now available for listening, and also for sale at $25.00 per double-CD. The $25.00 includes shipping within the Continental US, Alaska and Hawaii . This double-disc (CD) album will contain approximately 90 minutes of music in 11 songs. There will be 9 vocal tunes featuring Ynez Anthony on lead vocals and 2 instrumentals featuring Edwing. All the tunes are original.

          A second version of Mountain Castle Music entitled Sankey Brothers with Jahsha is out now. The music on Sankey Brothers  will be a contrasting departure from the music of Into the Mountain. Sankey Brothers with Jahsha  will be an LP consisting of 7 original dance-type, rock-rhythm n’ blues songs featuring Jahsha on lead vocals and Edwing on a 1950’s American Fender Telecaster. This album will be more focused on second chakra dance-type songs (not hip-hop). We will redo Sunny Street and Leaves Turn Green that were both on the Into the Mountain CD but will rearrange the songs and add Jahsha on lead vocals. There will be 7 original songs on this CD.

           Still another aspect of Mountain Castle Music featuring Edwing will be released shortly. The music on the Edwing CD will consist of original instrumentals featuring Edwing on lead guitar and ukulele. The genre will range from rock to jazz to classical to easy listening.