New CD Coming Soon

I am hoping to have the CD completed and ready for release by the end of this August 2019. Again, the CD will have all original compositions. We will feature 2 lead vocalists, Jahsha and Ted Souder.

The tentative title for the upcoming CD will be Sankey Brothers, Mountain Castle 2.

Some of the songs on the Sankey Brothers, Mountain Castle 2 CD include:

The Tick Tock Man

Meadow Across the lake

Once Upon A Dream

Working Title

When We Were Young

The Tick Tock Man is a song about A,.I. (artificial intelligence) coming into your lives. How much of this lifestyle are you willing to openly embrace? Do you have a choice?

Tick Tock, he is coming after you

Tick Tock, there is nothing you can do

You heard of him many years ago

You were intrigued by all the stories that were told

While you were on your phone and busy on the net

A.I. creeped into your world