A Tear for Tibet

In 2017 as I was driving in Culver City, California, a thought-form appeared: “Shed a Tear for Tibet.” I went home and started strumming some chords that fit the frequency of those words. In the next day or so, the words for the song appeared.  The rhythm I started playing for these opening chords happened to be in a 13 timing. I did not count out the timing. The 13 timing just came naturally. Later when we started to record this song, the rhythm section had difficulty locking into my rhythm. So we ended up using 7/4 timing in parts of the song and 4/4 on the rest of the song.

In the words:

One day you’ll be going back home

to a land that’s yours and free

Esoterically I am referring to being free in your Higher Spiritual Heart Center.

Even during foreign occupation and other extreme external challenges, it is best if one learns to stay centered.

No one can control your home, unless you let them. Your Higher Spiritual Heart Center is your “true” home.