Christ Be With Me

Edwing showed me this song, which he was going to use on his own project. Immediately upon hearing this song, I asked Edwing if I could “steal” this song and use it on the Into the Mountain CD. Of course he said yes. I just love the song and the frequencies of the emotions and feelings embedded in the notes. This to me is a perfect song in the same vibrational mold as American Tango by Joe Zawinul (Weather Report) and Welcome by John Coltrane. I decided I wanted to end this first Mountain Journey (2nd CD) with this song and the vibrations and messages that it brings to the listener, especially “those who can hear.”

I ended the double CD with the ringing of a note from a Zen bowl. You will notice that I started this journey with a note from this same Zen bowl before the first song on Disc #1 Festival of Hearts.

Music By: Edwing Sankey