Flight of the Seagull

The genesis of this song occurred many decades ago, while I was observing a seagull gliding over calm, very clear blue waters in the Monterrey Bay in Northern California. The sky was also very clear blue. The seagull was not moving its wings, but seemed to be floating in space and completely in synch with Nature. It reminded me of a “walk about” in Australia where select Aborigines are able to access the consciousness  of the In-between World. This field of consciousness is sometimes accessible during a specific vibrational state of meditation. The seagull seemed to be so free with no obstructions or boundaries. Unless you are heavily programmed with a certain level of fear, everyone wants to be free — like the seagull.

 A part of the song is written about a moment in that field of consciousness of the In-between world.

Verse 5

Ever felt you’re in a world in between

Things all around you, but they can’t be seen

Look up, nothing but the skies so blue

Look down, see nothing but deep oceans blue

In these times my head seems to swirl

It feels like I’m in between worlds


I wanted to keep an island type of feeling, so this song was composed using an open tuning on an acoustic-electric guitar.