Snowflake Thoughts

The words came through for this song last November (2017) as I was relaxing on the hotel bed in Boulder, Colorado thinking about a lecture I was to give the next morning. It had snowed the night before and as I observed the snow on the ground, the title Snowflake Thoughts appeared.

I had written the chords to a song, but had not consolidated the words. The words to Snowflake Thoughts appeared, and I was able to fit the words into the chords I had written for another song.


Often in life, our relationship with another person changes dramatically with time. We often only remember the good times, the special moments and conveniently forget why we separated and went our own ways. The lines:

           Snowflakes fell on her head capturing her thoughts

           I remember oh so well those Snowflake Thoughts

           I keep close to my heart

refers to only one person remembering the good times. The other person remembers the relationship differently.

          When finally the last snowfall

          Starts to melt

          Cool mist kisses

         The brisk, clear, fresh air

         Wintertime giving way

         Soon Spring will be here

“Wintertime time giving way” refers to the start of the separation. “Soon Spring will be here” refers to new beginnings.

  “I remember your kiss” again refers to one person in the previous relationship only wanting to remember the good times and longing to be back together. But the other person may not remember those kisses at all.