Spirit of the Mind Song

Spirit of my Mind (about Shen)

Music & lyrics by Mikio Sankey


Spirit, I hear you calling me

I hear you calling, calling my name


Spirit, the time is coming soon

No more running, away from my heart


Spirit, your voice is louder now

Your call is clearer now, I hear your voice


Spirit, my heart will pave the way

My heart will pave the way, back to my home



Spirit, I couldn’t hear your cry

I wasn’t ready then, to open my eyes


Spirit, you came so long ago

So many years ago, you planted the seed


Spirit, I’m finally ready now

I’m finally ready now, to follow your lead


Spirit, don’t have to look outside

I’ve found out how to take, that inner ride



Winston Raval– Piano

Peter Assing– Soprano Sax

Mikio – Guitar


Repeat Verse



Spirit of the mind

Spirit of the mind

Spirit of the mind

Spirit of the mind