Walk the Mountain

Walk the Mountain is a journey through a small aspect of one’s consciousness. The song begins with a slightly Japanese motif with guitar and zither and transitions into what I call a western flavor. The “D” major chord used on the second fret of a guitar is what I call a cowboy chord. By listening to the words of this song, one gets the impression of moving and living in a peaceful mountain environment. After several singing verses, there is a guitar solo on a 1983 Gibson Les Paul and followed later by a longer solo played on a screaming 1950’s American Fender Telecaster. This Tele solo depicts going into the Soul level and represents both a cleansing  and the releasing of stagnant qi, emotions and mental debris.  The transition that follows this solo takes you into a more mellow journey with a slightly Appalachian flavor from Jean’s violin and a country/folksy roots flavor with Edwing’s ukulele.


The song is really about meditating on the Mountain Chakra. One line says:

Sometimes I wish I could walk this with you

This mountain walk is not meant for two

(This refers to meditating by yourself, not with another person.)


The very end of the song  says: Brahmarandra.  (This refers to the Brahmarandra/Mountain Chakra located intracranially below the Sahasrara/Crown Chakra.)