When the Leaves Turn Green

I wanted to allow a blend of singing with various styles of instrumental solos within the songs. I also wanted to make sure the music sounded a bit like a live recording and not so sterile and clean. You will notice in some songs such as: When the Leaves Turn Green and A Sunny Street, there are three different soloists with their own creative input into the song.

The genesis of this song goes back to the teachings of Esoteric Acupuncture. I actually wrote a a little about the concept of  “The Leaves Turn Green” in Volume 7 of the Esoteric Acupuncture Series, Esoteric Meaning of Key Numbers. In order to understand the esoteric meaning of this song, it is best to have a slight understanding of Chinese Medicine. In Chinese Medicine, the color green is associated with the liver system and to something abnormal. In some schools of thought, the liver is called “The General.” The liver is also sometimes referred to as the bully, as used in the Chinese Medical Syndrome Wood (liver) Attacks Earth (spleen). The liver controls anger and this excessive energy often leads to an aggressive, pushy personality. This aggressive personality often runs your life.

In the Hindu Chakra System, green is associated with the Heart Chakra (balance, love, peacefulness, contentment, etc.).

Exoterically, the words to the song sound like a person is a wanderer or adventurer who wishes to see the world and will eventually return home to his or her partner. In Chinese Medicine, the liver controls eyesight and the ability to see. In the words “I’ve got so many places to see” sounds like the adventurer who still wants to visit places and see the world (the outer world). Esoterically, those words “I’ve got so many places to see” means to open up to the many fields of consciousness contained within the inner world, the world of inner sight and light without light.

“When the leaves turn green” esoterically refers to the maturation of the liver system and the recognition and acknowledgement that the heart system is in charge. “I’ll be coming home” refers to going back to one’s true Higher Heart Center.